Bicknell Family Center for the Arts: Music in the Linda and Lee Scott Performance Hall

As director of one of the several ensemble areas in the Department of Music, I am perhaps in a unique sort of “before and after” position with regard to the phenomenon of assembling a group on the main stage of the 1,100-seat performance hall for a musical production.  For some of us in the PSU choral program, our first experience with this space was, to say the least, a bit unconventional.  In December, 2013, we collaborated with Crossland Construction for the production of a video Christmas greeting.  Despite the frigid temperature at the construction site, the students took their places on the unfinished stage during a performance of Silent Night.  The juxtaposition of singers in their formal wear—while positioned on and around ladders and scaffolding, entirely illuminated by candles—was absolutely stunning.  And, even though we could barely feel our toes when we finished the filming, we all knew that we had just been treated to a very special glimpse of what the future would offer those of us who are fortunate enough to be involved in music-making at this point in the history of Pittsburg State University.

Some 363 days later, on December 7, 2014, we found ourselves reassembled in this space, now transformed into a magnificent performance hall, for the official ribbon cutting ceremony.  It was the choir’s privilege to perform for this glorious occasion, and in that moment, as we sang for the thousand people who had come together to join in celebrating this important event, we reached a new level of understanding of—and appreciation for—the magnitude of this accomplishment. The completion of this space is the realization of a 30-year dream on this campus.  From the perspective of the Department of Music, this new chapter is unparalleled in our experience, and we can hardly wait to turn the next page and begin holding our larger performances in this extraordinary facility.

That moment has now arrived, as our spring semester events will begin to fill the hall with rehearsals and performances of all types.  Although some of us will likely have to pinch ourselves once in a while to realize that this is no longer a dream, but rather our wonderful new reality, we will soon feel at home in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts.  Most importantly, we will forever remember and appreciate the extraordinary work and generosity of those who came together to make this happen.

Susan Marchant

Professor and Interim Chair

Department of Music

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  • shstngs  On January 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Here’s the video that Susan is referring to! It is lovely!

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