U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors

A note from Robert Kehle:

When the Jazz Ambassadors gave their concert Friday their Chief Warrant Officer Gordon Kippola recited a poem he wrote. He has given permission to reproduce it. I do not know if you would like to use it or not, but here it is.
4 March 2011
Pittsburg, KS
by Chief Warrant Officer Gordon Kippola
U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors
Met an ape named Gus Gorilla
He a big jazz music killa
Bop like Bird; like Monk, he thrilla
In the mood, just like Glen Milla
Gus play tasty, not vanilla
Play a ballad; head hit pilla
If he mad, you best be stilla
Or he crush you like Godzilla
The top banana; heat Gus’s bringing
Beats his chest while he’s scat singing
Plays like Todd, to groove he’s clinging
Leaves his cymbals always ringing
It’s not just notes this ape is flinging
Like Kong he climbed to top of building
He’s who the cooler cats are digging
‘Cause this gorilla’s always swinging
Jazz Festival in Pittsburg, Kansas
Plays your tunes and takes your chances
Judges give admiring glances
Reputation, it enhances
Ambassadors, of jazz advances
America’s Big Band, we’re not France’s
So money! Talking high finances
At least that is what The Man says
Glad to bring swing orchestration
For your big band education
Play ’til midnight? It’s temptation
Except for our sleep deprivation
We’ve got more music allocation
Hoping for your acclamation
We’re proud of our affiliation
With PSU and this Jazz Nation

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